Event FAQs

I can't find your address on your website. Where are you located?

*We are located in Acton, CA approximately 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. Once you register for an event, our address and all other needed information will be emailed to you. We don't put our address on our site for the protection of the pack and the sanctuary.

I registered for an event online but didn't receive an email back with your address and other information I need. What should I do?

*Before calling or emailing us, first check your junk mail or spam. Often, your computer will automatically put it in one of those files if it doesn't recognize our email address. If it is not there, there is a possibility that your transaction was accidentally aborted. Check your email for a receipt or call your bank or credit card company to see if they registered the transaction. After following these steps, please email or call us and we will try to see what may have happened.

I have a last minute question or am lost on my way to an event but can't seem to reach anyone. What should I do?

*We are located in a very remote area and often are out of range of cell service. We do however, have WiFi so email is best. If you have a last minute question, perhaps on the same day, or on the way to the event, please email us at events@wolfconnection.org with your question and your phone number. We check our email frequently on the day of the event and will contact you as quickly as possible.

What should I wear?

*You should wear pants to protect your legs from twigs & shrubs, hiking boots or sturdy shoes for hiking, a light shirt along with some extra layers in case it gets cold toward the end of the day, and a hat to protect your face from the desert sun.

What should I bring?

*Please bring a refillable water bottle for our fresh well water, a camera, sunscreen, SPF lip balm. 

What if I forget to bring my signed liability agreement with me?

*PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR SIGNED LIABILITY AGREEMENT! This acts as your entrance ticket. You will not be allowed in without it & we do not provide them once you arrive! It will be emailed to you for after you register for the event. 


Why is it so important to bring my liability agreement with me instead of it being provided at the front gate?

*At the moment, our events are structured so that all of the guests arrive at a given time for the event to officially begin. It's for the efficiency of getting everyone in quickly instead of having to stand in a line at the entrance for an hour. It also allows the guest to read over the liability agreement in their own time without being rushed so that they understand what they are signing and why.

Can I bring my dog?

*No! You will be hiking with a pack of wolves & we don't want to cause upset to the pack with a new canine present and put your dog in a potentially dangerous situation.

How long and strenuous is the hike?

*The hike is about 3.5 miles and is beginning/intermediate level. Depending on the size and pace of the group, it can take 60 to 80 minutes. Much of the hike is relatively flat with a couple of hills and a switchback. There are breaks along the hike for pictures and snuggles, and you may return to the sanctuary with a guide at any time.

Can I carry my baby on the hike?

*No. Children too young to walk must be carried in an appropriate baby carrier. You will experience different kinds of terrain where you will need balance.

What should I bring to the pot luck?

*We will provide hamburgers. Great things to bring could be a casserole, salad, sides, chips and dip, or a dessert.

Do you provide group discounts?

*Not at this time. We are a young non-profit organization functioning off of very little funding. All proceeds go toward the care and feeding of our pack.

Do I need to be a member of the wolfconnection website to sign up for an event?

*No. Wolf Connection events are open to everyone unless they are private events.

I want to register for an event but don't have a paypal account. How can I register online?

*Paypal allows non-members to pay with a credit card. The option is on the right side of the paypal payment screen.

I want to visit the sanctuary but can't come to any of the scheduled community hikes. Are there other opportunities to visit?

*Yes! Please visit our "Visit Us" page for details of our other visiting opportunities!


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