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If you've been following this big guy's story, you know that we had a lot of help in rescuing him from the Front Street Shelter in Sacramento.They worked very hard to find a good home for him and eventually found us! Everyone who donated toward the rescue also got to suggest a name for him.

After about a week of watching him bound about, wrestling with his new friends and loving on everyone, it was almost a unanimous decision - this teddy bear is a "Ranger" for sure! The name was suggested by Angelica McCaw from Sacramento. "My 11 year old daughter Alexandra actually gave me the name." says Angelica. Well Alexandra, you were right on the nose! Thank you! They will be visiting Wolf Connection Ranch, Ranger, and his new friends soon.

Again, thank you everyone for helping with this rescue. With your generosity, we were able to raise just over $1800 which helped cover for all of the travel expenses, materials and labor costs for our beautiful new and improved enclosure for him, and all of his food. We are so grateful.


He is an absolute love and quickly proving that he has star potential! After getting him to the ranch and having time to assess his behavior as well as physicality, we estimate him to be somewhere between 10-12 months old! Just a pup! He's up to eating a pound and 1/2 of raw meat in the morning and 4 cups of holistic kibble with extra vitamins and nutrients in the evening to help his puppy muscles and bones grow. He has that gangly slender puppy body right now and it's adorable to watch him trip over his own feet when he's playing with his new friends. We'll be posting video very soon.

We thought it would be fun to share all of the names suggested! So - here it goes...

Gandolf                    Hermoso ("Beautiful One")
Big Guy                    Dakota (Sioux for "friend" or "ally")
Ghost                       Timber
Snow                       Samoset (Algonquin for "He Who Walks Over Much")
Shadow                    Hjelte (Norwegian for Hero)
Majestic                    TaTonka ("Buffalo")
Lobo                        Takota (Sioux for "Friend to Everyone")
Professor Lupin         Orion (of constellation of the big dog)
Leelan                      Ranger
Zeus                         Fenris (Scandanavian mythology, giant powerful wolf)
Moose                      Akela (name of the alpha wolf in The Jungle Book)
Teton                       Krypto (Superman's dog)
Luey                         Samson
Willie                        King
Hazy                         Herald (messenger of peace)
Yuri                          Kane (Hawaiian for strong, regal, male)
Clyde                        Redemption
Throne                      Specter
Kimba                       Francis (- of Assisi, also known as a gentle giant)
Shylo                        Grey Wind
Balasar                      Mystic
Derek                        Adahy (Cherokee for "Lives in the Woods")
Gus                           Huey (as in Baby)
Boromir (Bo for short) and yes, someone even suggested "Tia Torres!"

Thank you again for your support and wonderful ideas!

Stay tuned for more updates on Ranger!


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