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A message of endorsement
from Wolf Connection's Founder and Director Teo Alfero.
Dear Friends and Wolf Connection community members:
A perceptual adventure awaits us through the upcoming Tensegrity workshop events at The Wolf Connection Ranch in September!
As some of you might know, the arts and practices of Carlos Castaneda throughTensegrity has been one of my personal loves for many years and one of my main paths to self-realization, evolution and personal growth. I can honestly say that the practice of Tensegrity has radically changed my life and has lead me to the wonderful life I lead today.
And now, in a three-day format, I have the delight and privilege of hosting two Tensegrity events on The Wolf Connection ranch!
We all  live in communities. Whether our main community is the one in which we work, come home to, or is close nexus of friends, studies indicate that we live and breathe and show higher rates of survival in warm, close contact with fellow companions. However, at times, we can all admit, some of our most beloved communities could be a little more cohesive, balanced and yield better results when working together. This is a constant evolution we are going thought with the staff and board at Wolf Connection.
Tensegrity, in conjunction with time spent on the ranch amidst the elements and the wolves, can lead to finding solutions to some of our most embedded and outdated modes of group interaction.
I should know; Tensegrity opened the doors to me following my heart and organizing The Wolf Connection Conservancy.
I look forward to sharing this upcoming experience with you.





Tensegrity® is the modern expression of the way of being which don Juan Matus taught his four students: Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs. Don Juan was a Yaqui Indian seer and heir to a lineage of men and women seers that originated in ancient Mexico.

Carlos Castaneda borrowed the word ‘tensegrity’ from architect R. Buckminster Fuller, to refer to the interplay of ‘tension’ and ‘integrity’ at play in the practice of the tools of Tensegrity® which include energy-enhancing movements and breaths known as Magical Passes®as well as Recapitulationand dreaming.

As a modern expression of shamanism, Tensegrity®means adapting to our own energy, the energy of sun and stars, the air, water, the land, and its inhabitants in a way that supports the interdependent integrity of the community that we are, as individual and collective beings.

The Tensegrity movement is lead by Cleargreen, Inc. and Tensegrity classes are taught by students of Carlos Castaneda as well as a new generation of Tensegrity®Facilitators-in-Training.


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Comment by rebecca Vitale Mandich on June 18, 2013 at 8:36pm

Please elt me know when you announce the dates. i am sooo interested i am howling!


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