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Sacramento Gentle Giant Comes to Wolf Connection!

Only a week ago, we received an email from our dear friend Tia Torres (Animal Planet's Pitbulls and Parolees) letting us know of an "enormous mystery dog" up at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA. Although there was press - Fox40 News coverage, an article on www.pawnation.com and a ton of attention on Facebook, no one stepped forward as the owner of this gentle giant. Pictures of this guy lit up excited debates about what kind of dog he could possibly be with the final consensus being that this 120 pounder must have jumped right out of Game of Thrones.

After seeing the pictures, we knew right off the bat that our mystery dog is not your everyday dog and we contacted the shelter to let them know that we would be happy to rescue him. After researching our website and talking with us about our purpose and programs, the shelter's manager Gina Knepp decided that Wolf Connection was the best place for him to have a well-balanced life, so we made arrangements and we're scheduled to head up to Sacramento tomorrow morning to pick up our newest WC pack member.


With the rescue...

Unfortunately, as many know, once a wolf or wolfdog is placed in a rescue, it cannot be readopted but must be euthanized by state law so we're relieved we found out about him in time. We're not about to let that happen on our watch! We've spent the week working hard to prepare his new home for him and planning the trip but it's expensive: gas, lodging, shelter fees, vaccinations, not to mention food - this guy apparently eats 4 times what the other canines are eating!

With his name...

With your donation of $10 or more, you will get the opportunity to name our new guy. Once he arrives and we have a few days to get to know him, the WC team will choose the most suited name from our donor's suggestions and announce it to our community. The winner will also have the opportunity to come up to the ranch and meet him face to face!

So join us in our rescue and know you've helped save a life.

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