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Tyler's speech on Wolves (my little cousin, 9yrs)

WOLVES: By Tyler Robitaille

What’s that up in Acton? It comes in all different kinds of species. The come gray, black, brown and many other colors. They are illegal to have as pets and have four legs and are very nice. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? If you guessed wolves, you are correct.

Wolves can live in any place that is cold. They can survive the heat, but they don’t like being in it. They survive the best in cold weather like Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Russia and in some places in the United States. You can see that most wolves like to live in the cold weather, because it is the easiest to survive. They can hunt for their food easier, because a lot of the animals live in the cold weather.

There’s all different kinds of wolf species like the gray wolf, timber wolf, red wolf and many other kinds of species. I am going to talk about the gray wolf and the timber wolf. The gray wolves snout, sharp teeth, thick fur, long legs, narrow chest, pliable paws and a furry tail is what makes up the gray wolf. They howl to meet up and sleep for the night. They grow till 26-33 inches tall and 6.5 feet long and they can weigh up to 175 pounds. They are most active at night, but may be seen in the day.

Wolves are meat eaters, but they will eat other foods like elk, moose, earthworms, berries, grasshoppers, mice, birds and many more foods. They eat they’re food very fast to protect it from being stolen abd ti decrease the chance of an attack. Pups are fed by the adults so they don’t eat a piece too big.

Now you know about where wolves live, what kinds of wolves there are and their diet. If you go to WolfConnection.org you will see many wolves and even my cousin and me with the wolves. THANK YOU

Tyler with me and Maya

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