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OLD FLAMES CAN'T HOLD A CANDLE [Special Tribute To A Special Lady]

About This Video: „OLD FLAMES CAN’T HOLD A CANDLE TO YOU“ Is first of all a very special tribute to a very special song and message. But also a Tribute to the COUNTRY Beauty DOLLY PARTON.

With this video I will pay attention to the different ways we are going during our life circle. Special the ways in our relationships.

We all are our directors of our movies we want to create. And there are times we need main actors and there are times we have to change our main actors because we’ve changed our LIFEV MOVIE. We changed our script. But we should never forget also the past main actors in our life. But our quality will be up day by day. And therefore we are looking for the right main actors in our life who can handle the changes. But if both are working on the script for good, we don’t have to change our main actors.

Music and song by: Pebe Sebert and Hugh Moffatt
Also music by: Rondo Veneziano. Thank you for the music and that I can use it for this video.

My dear friends. Please. Have a great time with this video. May god bless you and your loved ones

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